Amanda Mayfield Designs
What inspires me to create clothing is almost never fashion or clothing in itself.

My inspiration comes from things that have nothing to do with the kind of clothing I am looking to create. There is a marvelous challenge in weaving and working a subject until it becomes a part of me, in creating garments with it woven into me. My goal is to create something elegant, inspiring, deep. There is a beauty and absurdity to this world we live in and I want to play with it.

Philosophical and scientific questions fill my head. What can I learn when I find the answer? I like to dig in deep into obscure pockets of history. I like to see the beauty of the human condition. Why do people do what they do and act the way they act? I love to study a subject to its fullest and beyond, to memorize its every facet, to constantly learn. The grace of the math behind a perfect curve applied to a flat pattern makes me happy. I admire the similarity of a draping to the muscles of the body. All of these things thrill my curiosity.

I want to apply everything I know and have yet to know and will never know to fashion. Through this process of discovery I can continue to uncover new sides to the world and myself. Endless expansion.